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Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is a voluntary organisation of Catholic laymen. Founded in Manchester in 1908 as the Chums Benevolent Association, its original and essential characteristics were typical of many male societies established in the period before the First World War. In 1910, the Chums became The Catenian Association.

A small number of Catholic bishops approved the young organisation. They were anxious to see Catholic communities break the bonds of restricted education, low social status, and limited political power and influence. Foremost among these was Bishop Louis Charles Casartelli of Salford who acknowledged that the Chums, and later the Catenian's, were a force for good and a vehicle for action.

The basic unit of the Association is the Circle and members are known as Brothers. In 1910, there were five Circles with 250 Brothers; by 1914, there were 27 Circles with 1,593 Brothers. Since that formative period, the Association has continued to expand. Now there are around 10,000 Brothers in Circles in the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, Ireland, Malta and India. Circles are grouped together into Provinces and Areas.

Many of our members help the local church in roles such as Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Collector's and Sacristans. In addition some are active within the Diocese through our schools as Foundation Governors.

There are two Circles in this area Swale and Medway.

Iif you would like any further information or would like to consider joining please contact:
Father Adams on 01634 377396