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The Dew Association

The Dew Association was founded in our parish in 2001. The name 'Dew' was chosen to refer to Exodus Chapter 16, verses 13-15: 'A dew lay round about the camp... And Moses said to them: This is the bread, which the Lord hath given you to eat'.

The aims of the association are :-
1. To feed the hungry - NOW,
2. To spread the good news of our faith,
3. To promote educational needs.

In order to meet these aims a 'Bucket' collection is taken after Saturday/Sunday Masses once a month and the money received goes to support various projects,
A list of projects for the year can be found here and on the Church notice board in the narthex.

Some examples of supported projects :-
The Medical Mission Clinic run by Dr. Lawrence Murtagh in Coahhila, Mexico.
Donations help fund the clinic and provide necessary drugs and medicine for the poor and sick.

The Smile Train which enables children born with a cleft lip or palate to have necessary surgery provided by specialist doctors or nurses in order to live normal lives.

The House of Mercy in Gravesend run by the Sisters of Mercy to provide hostel accommodation, advice and support for local homeless people.

Other projects include Survive-Miva which provides transport for the missions, the Mercy Ships providing eye surgery in the third world and CAFOD emergency appeals.