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What is Missio?
The Pope's official charity for overseas mission. We share the hope of the Gospel where there is turmoil, poverty and uncertainty in the world, and where the Church is new, young or poor. Missio empowers local people to form and sustain communities of faith and trains future leaders so that the vital work of the Church in the world can take place.

Since 1922, Missio has been the Catholic Church's official charity for overseas mission.

Our focus areas
To provide for the different needs of the overseas Church, Missio focuses on four main areas of provision:
- Children's projects (faith, health and education)
- The training of local priests and sisters
- The building of Church infrastructure and support of faith communities
- The promotion of world mission through prayer and study

In England and Wales Missio works together with the Mill Hill Missionaries to share the gift of faith. Red Box donations are split 60/40 between APF and Mill Hill. Red Box donations go towards sending missionaries (Mill Hill) and building churches and training catechists to serve new Catholic communities overseas (APF). Being part of the Red Box community means you are also part of a worldwide network of prayer.

Missio rely solely on donations. Please help us share the Gospel and make a difference to the lives of those most in need. The Red Boxes are opened 4 times per year and you will receive a magazine from Missio which will keep you updated with current news and projects undertaken.

If you would like to support Missio and have a Red Box in your home then please contact:
Father Adams on 01634 377396

A huge THANK YOU to all our current Red Box holders and to our collectors, you really are responding to your missionary calling.