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St. Augustine's R.C. Church


Society of St Gerard Majella

The Society of St Gerard Majella is an association of mothers of Catholic families, all of whom have a direct share in the running and development of their society. It is an adaptable body responsive to the changing needs and aspirations of its members. St Gerard's ladies group are in the main mothers of young children that come together to discuss varied topics of interest, form friendships and offer support to one another.

St Gerard's came to be formed back in the 70's when many of today's members were young mothers who had recently given up work, therefore being at home for long periods with very young children, which could become isolating. Many are still members today and their children are now adults themselves.

St Gerard's exists for the benefit of women in the Parish, originally set up to promote discussion, give support and form long term relationships between these families.

The group operates in the Parishes of St Thomas's Rainham and St Augustine's Parkwood.

For further details or information on membership please contact:
Father Adams on 01634 377396